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Compiling SGeMS (from SVN/CVS) on Linux

Compiling SGeMS on Debian 6 "squeeze"

A bash script ( can be downloaded that automizes the installation process similar to the guide for Ubuntu given below.

[last update:2012-05-21]

Compiling SGeMS on Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04

This guide for installing SGeMS has been tested on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.04. 

You will/may encounter problems if you have qt3 libraries installed.

[last update:2011-05-31]

0. Quick Install

A bash script ( can be downloaded that automizes the installation process given below. In a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install simply run the following two commands, type 'Y' when prompted for installation of dependencies and 'Enter' when prompted to download GsTL from sourceforge:

sudo sh ./

1. Install dependencies 

sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev libsoqt4-dev libboost1.40-dev python2.6-dev libcoin60 build-essential subversion cvs mercurial

2. Download and install Simvoleon :

rm -fr simvoleon
hg clone simvoleon 
cd simvoleon 

# Compile simvoleon:
cd simvoleon
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
cd ..

3. Download and install SGeMS

rm -fr sgems
mkdir -p sgems
cd sgems

3.a Download GsTL using CVS

Download GsTL from CVS:
cd ~/
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P GsTL

Remove the boost directory in the GsTL folder:
rm -fr GsTL/boost

In GsTL/GsTL/utils/Common/CommonDefs.h, change:

#include "Common/ExceptionStandard.h"


#include "GsTL/utils/Common/ExceptionStandard.h"

In GsTL/GsTL/utils/Common/CGLA.h, change:

#include "Common/CommonDefs.h"


#include "GsTL/utils/Common/CommonDefs.h"

3.b. Download and compile Sgems

Download SGeMS: 

cd ~
svn co sgems

Edit .qmake.cache and update the paths for GSTLHOME (GsTL directory) and GSTLAPPLI_HOME (sgems directory) :
GSTLHOME = /home/tmh/GsTL
GSTLAPPLI_HOME = /home/tmh/sgems
INVENTOR_LIB = /usr/lib
INVENTOR_INCLUDE = /usr/include
BOOST_INCLUDE = /usr/include/boost
PYTHON_LIB = /usr/lib
PYTHON_INCLUDE = /usr/include/python2.6
PYTHON_SO = python2.6

Compile SGeMS:

4. Update Library Path

create file /etc/, with content :

Run ldconfig :
sudo ldconfig

5. Set environvent variable and path

export GSTLAPPLIHOME=/home/tmh/sgems/
export PATH=$PATH:$GSTLAPPLIHOME/bin/linux

6. run SGeMS