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RESPROB Probabilistic Geomodelling of Groundwater Resources

[contact: Thomas Mejer Hansen]
This project is a research project funded from May 2018 by Free Research Council (Technology and Production) (Total Budget DKK 6.672.069).


Groundwater mapping in Denmark is internationally acknowledged and regarded as a benchmark approach. Massive amounts of data (well logs, geophysical, geo- and hydro-logical data) have been collected. Today these data are combined in a deterministic sequential workflow, where, typically, a single final model represents all available information. While successful, this workflow has some limitations: There is no way to ensure the final model consistency with all information at hand, and there is no way to ensure correct uncertainty quantification.

The main goal of RESPROB is to develop a probabilistic data integration workflow that allows consistent integration of well-log, geophysical and geological data. The resulting probabilistic geomodel should be efficient tool for end-users for informed, data-driven, decision making and for risk assessment.

A PhD position (located at Niels Bohr Institute) and a PostDoc position (GEUS/University of Aarhus) will be offered as part of the project.

Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen [contact: Thomas Mejer Hansen]
GEUS [contact: Flemming Jørgensen]
Dept. of Geosciences, Aarhus University [contact: Niels Bøie Christensen]
University of Cagliary [contact: Giulio Vignoli]
USGS, Denver Burke J. Minsley