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Current courses

Inverse Problems NFYA04034U (Thomas Mejer Hansen; Blok 2, Schedule C, Full Degree Master, 7.5 ECTS)

The objective of the course is to provide theory and methods for solving and analyzing inverse problems in physics and geosciences. Inverse problem theory will be formulated as a probabilistic data integration problem, and a number of analytical/numerical methods for solution of linear and nonlinear inverse problems will be presented. The role and interplay between uncertainties in data, model and prior knowledge is an important theme in the course. A significant part of the course involves work with projects where inverse problems from physics and geosciences will be analyzed,for example analysis of seismic data or climate data.

Earth Structure and Processes NFYK15009U (Klaus Mosegaard; Blok 3, Schedule C, Full Degree Master, 7.5 ECTS)

The course will cover several aspects of the dynamics of the solid earth, concentrating on basic concepts and breaking problems down so that they can be solved analytically. We will start with an introduction of plate tectonics as a framework for the problems that follow. We will then introduce basic theory to analyse stress, strain, fluid flow, deformation in general, heat flow, gravity, and faulting. Each of these theories will then be applied to simple problems, again emphasizing concepts. More complex applications found in research articles will be discussed in class.

Advanced Seismology NFYK15004U (Klaus Mosegaard, Thomas Mejer Hansen; Blok 4, Schedule B, Full Degree Master, 7.5 ECTS)

The course will cover several aspects of global earthquake seismology and applied refraction- and reflection seismology. The focus will be on mathematical and numerical aspects of seismology, including seismic sources, elasticity theory, wave propagation, ray theories, seismic tomography, imaging, waveform inversion, seismic signal analysis and data processing.

Old courses

Jorden og de terrestriske planeter (JordPlanet) NFYB10003U (Klaus Mosegaard; Blok 3, Schedule B, Bachelor, 7.5 ECTS)

The purpose of the course is to provide an introduction to the Earth and the terrestrial planets.