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VISIM - Volume Average Integration Simulation

[pdf] Sequential simulation for linear inverse problems, Computers and Geosciences 34(1), pp 53-76, doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2007.02.003.


VISIM 1.5 (January 2009): [tgz] [zip]

The latest source code can be downloaded using SVN:
svn co
and directly as a tar.gz file

Manual : [pdf]


VISIM should feel familiar to anyone who has used GSLIB, as it is based on GSLIB code.
A Matlab interface to VISIM is available through the mGstat toolbox. Documentation for using the Matlab interface can be found here.


VISIM is an acronym for Volume Integration SIMulation.
VISIM is the groups first attempt to merge features of geostatistics and linear inverse theory into one complete theory.

For geostatisticians :
VISIM allow sequential simulation conditioning to noisy linear volume averages measurements of the underground. (for example as in x-ray tomography).
Both sequential Gaussian simulation and direct sequential simulation with histogram reproduction are supported.

for linear inverse theory :
VISIM allow efficient sampling of the a posteriori probability distribution of any linear inverse problem. Actual samples of the a posteriori PDF can be efficient generated.

The work is a collaboration between Andre Journel, Albert Tarantola, Klaus Mosegaard, Thomas Mejer Hansen and Yongshe Liu.